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Watercolor Painting - Sunset Storm Seascape - Yupo Art

$375.00 USD


Product Details

"Tormenta" is an original watercolour painting by professional Artist Brazen Edwards measuring approximately 9" x 12" (22.86cm x 30.48cm) on Yupo paper.

This piece is part of my series of colorful sunrise/sunset watercolor paintings. The movement of the sunset reflected on the water brings about a sense of impending storm, with the clouds ready to unleash themselves and the waves slowing building, gives the viewer a sense of the awe at the power of nature.

Perhaps the most dramatic division of time is the contrast between day and night. Symbolically, this often meant the struggle between light and darkness where the birth and the death of the sun was associated with the development of an awakening consciousness. It was the first evidence to man that time had a cyclical aspect. Sunset ushers in the world so is romantic for many because they are watching more than the death of the day, they are witnessing the birth of night and its potential.

Yupo is a compelling and unique alternative to traditional art papers, it's not a paper at all in the traditional sense - it's actually a sheet of plastic! This allows the paint to flow and mingle on the surface creating a beautiful smooth piece of artwork. Since the watercolour paint hasn't permeated the paper, I've finished it with a professional clear matte varnish to protect it.

This painting is unmatted and unframed, allowing the buyer to choose based on their personal taste, style, and decor.

Thanks for looking.

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