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Watercolor Painting - Great Blue Heron - Wildlife Bird Painting

$95.00 USD


Product Details

"Camouflage" is an original watercolour painting by professional Artist Brazen Edwards measuring approximately 9 x 9" (22.88cm x 22.88cm) on Yupo paper.

A Great Blue Heron stands staunch into the wind. The golden eye, fierce and protective, is focused on the far reaches of its watery domain. The Heron embodies wisdom and patience. The colors, the stance, the far-seeing gaze all combine to channel why this bird has been the subject of many cultural legends. It €™s stern visage and regal posture has stubbornly stayed in my imagination and fueled my desire to paint this elegant bird thus it is appears across much of my portfolio.

As an artist, I'm interested in depicting how colour inspires me in our everyday world. My latest painting experiment is on Yupo, which is not a paper at all in the traditional sense - it's actually a sheet of plastic, so the surface is resistant to water! Watercolor flows across it and you can create lovely abstract patterns and translucent colours by tilting the paper and allowing the colours to flow and mingle.

Since the watercolour paint hasn't permeated the paper, I've finished it with a professional clear matte varnish to protect it. This painting is unmatted and unframed, allowing the buyer to choose based on their personal taste, style, and decor.
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