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Watercolor Painting - Japanese Shrine Temple Gate - Wall Art Modern Home Decor

$125.00 USD


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"Tōri-iru" is an original watercolour painting by Brazen Edwards measuring approximately 10" x 14" (25.40cm x 35.56cm) on 140lb Lanaquarelle cold pressed watercolour paper.

This piece is inspired by the Japanese torii, (from tōri-iru, which means - to pass through and enter - which is a gate or archway traditionally found at Shinto and Buddhist shrines. This archway marks the point of transition between the sacred and profane space, defining the shrine against the outside world.

In the days following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, in which tens of thousands of people were killed and hundreds of thousands deprived of home and security, I was struck by the manner in which the legendary Japanese conducted themselves. The inner peace, strength and fortitude shown by so many people in the wake of such a social and environmental catastrophe was profoundly moving to me.


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