How to Choose the Right Artwork for your Home

How to Choose the Right Artwork for your Home

  "I Could Corrupt You" by Brazen Edwards

Knowing how to choose art for your home can have a major impact when it comes to designing interiors, but selecting artwork shouldn't be an afterthought.  One of the most common questions I get when a potential client is shopping for artwork, is which painting is best for my home?  There’s no easy answer for this as it’s often subjective and depends on what you’re trying to achieve; you need something that reflects your taste and of course compliments your budget.  I’m a firm believer in choosing something that speaks to you, art should reflect your personality instead of making it match your décor.   You can often find something spectacular that suits your taste and an inside tip… many artists offer payment plans if you opt for buying original artwork directly from them. 


Here are some suggestions that will help guide you through this process:

 An Inspirational Office

Gallery Wall of Prints by Brazen Edwards


This is one of the rooms that we spend the most time in, so creating a motivational space is important. In this area you can get away with having an eclectic collection of work and a great way to do that is with a floating shelf or a gallery wall.  You can have pieces that compliment each other and keep your space looking fresh by rotating pieces that you like, to create a positive environment.


A Peaceful Bathroom 


"Ardency of Life" & "Upon My Tide" by Brazen Edwards

This room is the place for those serene and calming pieces but also a great place to try and raise a smile from your bathroom visitors while they have a minute to themselves. Fresh and bright colours work best, but I would recommend prints for this space as the humidity and conditions of this room are not advisable for original artwork.

A Serene Bedroom


Colour Array Painting by Brazen Edwards

"Colour Array" by Brazen Edwards

Your bedroom is your safe haven and the place you need to feel the most relaxed after a long day. I would advise choosing relaxing art with calming colours or an abstract work for this space.  I would also make sure to get professional help with hanging heavy artwork over your bedframe or make sure to anchor it in place if you're hanging it in drywall. 

The Lively Livingroom

Follow the Sun Painting by Brazen Edwards

"Follow the Sun" by Brazen Edwards

Here’s where I would say you need a statement piece, something big and bold; a pièce de resistance!  If you do any entertaining, you might want to impress your guests with something brave and have it strike up a conversation about either the subject matter or even about the artist.  But of course this is something you’ll have to live with, so make sure you love it just as much as your guests do.

An Eclectic Kitchen


Graceful Crane Sumie by Brazen Edwards

"Graceful Crane" by Brazen Edwards

The kitchen is often an overlooked space for artwork which is a shame as it's one of the most social rooms in your home.  Our kitchens also typically have large appliances so adding a painting or a print here and there help detract from the mundane.  It’s also a great way to showcase small pieces in unlikely places to brighten up your home.

A Quirky Kids Room

Octopus Painting by Brazen Edwards

 "Adrift" by Brazen Edwards

When you’re selecting artwork for your child’s bedroom, think whimsical, not childish. Although you should select paintings and photographs that feature things that they’re into – like animals, sports, science – avoid picking something that is character-based as they will grow out of quickly.


 The Fantastic Foyer

Abstract Painting by Brazen Edwards

 "Wrapped Around My Heart " by Brazen Edwards

Another great place to make a statement is in an entryway or foyer.  You want something that immediately catches the eye and attention of anyone who walks through the front door.  It's the best way to make a good first impression, so if you have a large wall, go with something intriguing but not too controversial.  

Shopping for artwork should be fun, not stressful so if you need any specific advice or creative direction, please let me know!

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