Artful Aspirations for the New Year

Artful Aspirations for the New Year





Brazen Edwards on Dragon's Eye Lake


Every moment is a chance at a fresh beginning.  It is our desire in life to evolve, to improve ourselves... which can be infinitely hard right now as we’re still struggling through this pandemic.  I feel it's important to remain positive and so I've focused on making small strides in my career, become more social again and fulfill some personal aspirations despite it all.

One of my dreams when my children left home was to travel the world, which means carrying on with my trip now that countries are opening up again.  Luckily as a digital nomad (which is a buzz word for being location independent and working remotely) there’s been a significant increase in countries coming up with new ideas to attract such a vast shift in our workforce. 


Brac and Dubrovnik Beach


As for socially, I’ve attended many of the local expat/DN events and have made some good friends that are now scattered all over the world as they continue to live a similar life of working and travelling.  I’ve also been lucky to meet some artists in my travels which has been especially nice to surround myself with creatives that have similar values and propensity for exploration.

Another goal was to learn a new skill so I’ve spend the last couple months taking an intensive digital marketing course through Alacrity.  Although I have gained quite a bit of knowledge in 12 years selling my work primarily online and running a profitable art business, it was important to fill in the gaps.  I also expanded on my Croatian language skills a bit since living here the last year. 




Croatian Islands


Even in the ongoing pandemic I’ve tried to live my best life and enjoy the little things, so I planned a staycation in 2021.   My time was dedicated mostly to the task of discovering as much of Croatia as possible, especially the islands (which is an enormous task since there’s 1244 in total.)  I focused on the most popular coastal sites such as Dubvronik, Split, Zadar, Pula, Primošten and Makarska to name a few and surrounded myself with historical towns, the colours of the clear blue sea and jagged, rocky coastline.


Croatian Beach in Baska


The first island I explored is one of the biggest, Krk which is very close to the town of Rijeka and easily accessible by vehicle as it’s connected to the mainland via a land bridge.  It’s the most populated island with magical small old town centres in Romanic style and surrounded by beautiful nature and unique sandy beaches.  

Brac Island
Brač Island was another lovely adventure and the largest island in the Dalmatian region, famous for the picturesque beach Zlatni Rat, great wine from local vineyards and white granite stone which the Romans used to make the Diocletian Palace in Split and the lobby of the United Nations Building in New York.


 The island of Hvar was my next stop, best known as a summer resort.  The highlights of the port town Hvar include 13th-century walls, a hilltop fortress and a main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral. The island also features beaches such as Dubovica and a plethora of lavender fields.
Hvar Old Fort Cannon


Lombarda Shore


Korčula Island surprised me with charming fortresses and is rumoured to be the home town of Marco Polo.  I was fortunate to spend a week there and really enjoyed the fishing village of Lumbarda, surrounded by wineries and beautiful, shallow sandy beaches.


Blue Cave on Island of Bisevo





New Flow Series-Brazen Edwards Original Artwork


The wonderful part of being an Artist is that my inspiration is based off my experiences so when failing to describe what I witnessed with words, I pour that into my paintings.  The art I created this year are woven emotions I felt in such remarkable, extraordinary places.... the vast colours of the sea, sun, rock and horizons.


Original Artwork Sale

I'm hosting a clearance sale on my website until Feb 28th, 2022, to make room for new artwork.  Save 50% off my work to liven up your home.  Free shipping within North America.






Brazen Edwards in Split


Thank you for joining me on another installment of my adventures in Europe.  I'm so grateful to have your encouragement and support of my art career.  My time in Croatia is coming to an end so I look forward to sharing my next newsletter about my journey to Hungary, Ireland, France and Germany in the Spring. 

I wish you all a happy, prosperous and blessed New Year full of exciting opportunities.

Stay safe and much love,