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$200.00 USD


Product Details

"Musing" is an original watercolour painting by professional Artist Brazen Edwards measuring approximately 8.5" x 11" (21.59cm x 27.94cm) on stone paper.

This piece is part of my series of abstracted landscapes from my explorations in Croatia.

Stone paper is an environmentally friendly and unique alternative to traditional art papers. The technology of this surface uses non-toxic resin along with pure calcium carbonate mineral extracted from mines, saving the use of trees and water normally associated with paper production.  Because the surface is non-absorbent, it allows the paint to flow and mingle on the surface creating a beautiful smooth piece of artwork. Since the watercolour paint hasn't permeated the paper, I've finished it with a professional clear varnish to protect it.

This painting is unmatted and unframed, allowing the buyer to choose based on their personal taste, style, and decor.

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All Rights Reserved.

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