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Professional Artist Development Program - Learn the Business Tools Needed to be Successful

$25.00 USD


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Ellis Art Studios has developed a Professional Development Program that provides practical advice and career, community and confidence building tools to help artists become more successful.

  • Learn how to make money from your creativity
  • Develop the confidence you need to be successful
  • Market yourself and your art without coming across like a salesman
  • Build a support network
  • Do away with the notion of 'starving artist'
  • Stop holding yourself back by fear and doubt

Learn the tools necessary to make money from your creativity and turn your art into an actual functioning business.  Our commitment to rigorous self-evaluation ensures that our curriculum encompasses the newest and most relevant ideas and information to help artists thrive in an increasingly complex world.

When:  TBD

Where:  Online

Cost: $25 per person

To Register:  Add to cart or sign up via email or telephone at director@ellisartstudios.ca | 250.300.4668

We believe collaboration creates a vibrant and lasting art community so we partner with local organizations and successful CREATIVE businesses so you’re learning from people that have been where you are.  We encourage a diverse participant group and keep it intentionally small, letting participants really get to know each other and form connections.

Monthly Topics

Grow your Instagram
Utilizing Facebook
How to Sell on Etsy
Creating a Website
Product Photography
Digital Printing
How to Network
Shipping & Customs
Approaching Galleries
Selling at Tradeshows
Copyright & Theft
Grant Writing

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