Finding the New “Normal” in Art and Life

Finding the New “Normal” in Art and Life




Brazen Edwards in Zagreb Downtown


I can't believe we're already more than half way through 2021, it feels like last year was a blur and we're all just settling into the 'new normal'.  It's definitely been a challenging time for people not only with the pandemic, but border restrictions, delayed flights, lockdowns and such so there's been many challenges. 

For myself, I decided to play it safe and stay in one place and settle down until things improved.  In order to secure a long term stay within the EU, I applied for Croatia's new Digital Nomad Visa which is really just a year long residency permit.  I rapidly collected all of my documents together and applied for my criminal record check from Canada (thanks Dad) and was granted my permit within 6 weeks.  It's a very strict program with only about 50 applicants accepted out of 300 that have applied thus far, so I feel fortunate that my art business is doing so well.




Original Artwork 2021 by Brazen Edwards


While I was waiting for my paperwork to be sorted, I decided to work on some realistic paintings in my studio as I find the added focus was the perfect distraction from all the Croatian bureaucracy.  Koi fish are a symbol of luck, prosperity and good fortune, which I thought was an auspicious way to start the New Year.  Orchids and a lotus garden seemed like a nice Zen subject to aid in my stress relief.  

Birds are also a beloved subject of mine and reminded me of my Canadian homeland.  Blue birds are deeply associated with loyalty, solidarity, and understanding. Based upon their behavior, blue jays are often linked to fierceness, determination, curiosity, and loyalty.





I managed to take a few long weekend trips exploring more of the Northern part of Croatia, such as Pula, Samobor, Plitvice National Parks and Rastoke.  My first road trip was to the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria.  This fascinating region surprised me with having 3 separate climate areas full of rocky beaches with thousands of small coves, craggily grasslands with olive trees and thick lush mountainous forests.  Definitely a hidden gem with tourism but steeped in rich history.  Pula has one of the oldest Roman amphitheaters along with many left over remnants of that majestic empire. 


I also managed to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park this year and had read about the region for a long time, but words and photos really don't do it justice.  I stopped in the charming village of Rastoke, which is compromised of breath taking waterfalls with old wooden houses and restaurants built right over the rapids as they were formerly water mills.   

The park itself is one of oldest and largest national parks in Croatia and is world-famous for its many beautiful lakes arranged in cascades.  With easy walking trails and boardwalks suspended over the turquoise water, you get to experience stunning viewpoints, and photogenic waterfalls, so it's the kind of place you can spend all day in and appeals to all ages.




Indigo Series


With so much recent exploration and stimulation of the senses I decided to get down to the core and focus on some minimalist abstract compositions.  You'll find in this series works that are inspired by flowing water, industrial cantilevers, linear roads and circular movement.  You can find originals and prints of this series on my website. 





Blithe - Original Painting by Brazen Edwards

I'm thrilled to be participating in the Caetani Centre's Splash of Red fundraiser again with my painting, "Blithe" this year. The auction is online and went live a few days ago!

To view all 2021 auction artwork, head to

Splash of Red auction artwork can also be seen in some of your favourite local business in downtown Vernon! 

Online Sale


I'm hosting a summer sale on my website as well as Etsy store until Aug 31st, 2021.  Save 20% off items to liven up your home.  Some of the new products I've released this year are backpacks and wall tapestries!!!





Zadar Beach


Thanks for joining me on my artistic journey! I believe feeling grateful and acknowledging when something good happens is powerful so having you all comment and support my art career is something I greatly treasure.  I wish you all good health, happiness and hope you have a great summer!

Stay safe and much love,



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