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Works on Paper

Brazen Edwards' works on paper embraces the spontaneity of ink and watercolour. Her previous work in Sumi-e, places an emphasis on the beauty of each individual brush stroke.  The methodology of that art form is the artist must learn to use ink freely with a controlled but spontaneous hand in order to capture the essence of the subject in their ink paintings.  To evoke a sense of poetry in nature, brush painters create beautiful lines and forms with ink, but there is no forgiveness once a stroke is placed on the paper.

By adapting this knowledge to abstracts, Brazen lays in the foundation with brush strokes and embraces the freedom of the flowing colour; contributing to a creative and spontaneous method of painting.  With problem solving and managing her work from an intellectual viewpoint, she is able to create a strong sense of value and composition that creates a gradual evolution of the art work.

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