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Determination - Blue Jay Watercolor Painting

$300.00 USD


Product Details

"Determination" is an original watercolour painting by professional Artist Brazen Edwards measuring approximately 10" x 14" (25.40cm x 35.56cm) on arches watercolour paper.

This piece is part of my series of North American bird paintings inspired by my worldwide travels. Birds are a beloved subject of mine. They symbolize faithfulness and accord. These marvelous birds are deeply associated with loyalty, solidarity, and understanding. Based upon their behavior, blue jays are often linked to fierceness, determination, curiosity, and loyalty. When threatened by a predator, blue jays do not hide or retreat, they go on the offensive, dive-bombing the creature in question until it retreats.

This painting is unmatted and unframed, allowing the buyer to choose based on their personal taste, style, and decor.

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All Rights Reserved.

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